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Insurance Quote Checklist2019-04-19T14:52:16+00:00

Insurance Quote Checklist

Below is a checklist for the three main commercial auto insurance offerings from QEO.

Commercial Auto Acord Application Requirements:

  • Acord 125 – Applicant Information Section
  • Acord 127 and Acord 129 – Business Auto Section and Vehicle Schedule to include Insured Vehicles
  • Garaging Location
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)
  • Radius & Usage
  • Stated Amount or Cost New when requesting physical damage
  • Insured Driver Information
  • Business Type
    • Coverage Limits and Physical Damage Deductibles
    • Minimum of 5 years of loss analysis valued within 90 days unless a new venture

Commercial General Liability Acord Application Requirements:

  • Acord 126 – Commercial General Liability Section

Motor Truck Cargo Acord Application Requirements:

  • Acord 143 – Transportation Section