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About the Company

QEO underwrites and manages commercial transportation risks. Our commercial automobile insurance products are distributed through independent agents. QEO’s commercial transportation insurance coverages are distinctively designed for companies whose principal risks are transportation-centered. QEO’s turnkey operation provides commercial transportation-focused Underwriting, Loss Control and Claims Management services.

About the Company

QEO’s commercial transportation underwriters have significant commercial transportation experience. Each risk is evaluated by a seasoned commercial transportation underwriter. Each account is underwritten by a QEO underwriter. QEO’s own loss control inspectors perform an on-site inspection of each risk that QEO insures. In the event of an accident, QEO’s claims representatives handle and manage each loss promptly and efficiently to quickly resolve both first and third-party claims.

QEO is focused on commercial transportation risks. Our dedicated team of underwriters, loss control inspectors and claims representatives understand commercial transportation risks from beginning to end. QEO integrates traditional processes with technological advances and strives to be a best in class commercial transportation-managing general agency.

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